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In this modern century, looking for Swedish girls and women for marriage at Sweden dating sites is common. The problem of loneliness and the need to find a suitable partner have always transcended the gender barriers. In other words, single Swedish women equally feel the need to find a suitable man. While the final objective may be either a short term relationship meant to eliminate loneliness or the desire to find a life partner, there can be no doubt that single Swedish women have for long have longed for the company of men.

Swedish girls

Swedish girls

The proliferation of Swedish dating services all over the world could not have occurred at a better time. The Swedish dating websites have made it real easy for single Swedish women to find suitable men online. What is great is that many of the Swedish dating websites let Swedish women use their services absolutely for free. These websites enable Swedish women to connect with men of their choice easily through various methods.

The Swedish dating websites have a lot of advantages to offer. A single woman can really plan her search and find a suitable man accordingly. She can decide the kind of partner she is looking for in terms of looks, height, profession, hobbies, likes and dislikes and profession and search for partners accordingly. Additionally, connecting to men online means she can transcend geographies. For example, a single woman in Spain can connect to a man in Russia just at the click of the mouse.

Now let us take a look at how the online Swedish dating services go about connecting single Swedish women who have been seeking men:

Single Swedish girls and women registered themselves online. The very first step is to find out the online Swedish dating services. All you need to do is to perform a search on internet and you will have a collection of the online Swedish dating services. You now need to choose the most suitable service according to your preferences. You may also choose a free service. You need to check the services it provides. The more the services, the better are your opportunities of connecting to your potential partners.

The second step is to register your information with the Swedish dating service. You will be required to enter your personal information (for example, name, e-mail address, country, hobbies, and purpose of registration) and then state your partner preferences (for example, height, complexion, build, income, nationality and religion). While registering, do ensure that you have read the terms and conditions carefully and accepted them.

The third step is to go looking for suitable men online after you have registered your profile. There are a number of methods by which you can connect to a man. For example, you could use facilities like chat rooms; online chatting, text messages and e-mails to interact with your chosen man.

However, it is recommended that you take it slow in the beginning. If your intention is to find a long term relationship online, then you need to be careful and find out more about the men before you actually commit into a long term relationship. This might not be required if your intention is to have a casual and temporary relationship, meant to pass time only.

To look for Swedish brides, the best way is to find them at Sweden dating services.

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Meet Swedish Girls & Women At Sweden Dating Sites, 7.1 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

6 Responses to 'Meet Swedish Girls & Women At Sweden Dating Sites'

  1. kaveh yousefzadeh - January 4th, 2011 at 9:35 pm

    Firstly I congratulate new year to you sincerely!
    This is kaveh yousefzadeh.i come from Iran. I would like to inhabit in Sweden country. I have MA paper. I was graduated in pure economy from Iran university(BA in Tehran university, MA in Isfahan university).in current situations I have merely a one month tourism visa. But I wish I could stay in Sweden for long years. I submitted my inhabitant application to Swedish immigration office located in Solna Avenue too.
    I want to pass some of applied and simple traineeship courses in Sweden. In meanwhile I want to find a job in Sweden country too. Because I stay in my brother home in Stockholm temporarily have no revenue,…so I expect the Swedish humanitarian organizations think about this very important matter before any thing. If you give a constant salary to me and provide a home for me I can start my activation in Sweden easily.
    I have experienced some of the worst catastrophes in my country. My mother and father were killed by Iranian satanic sects. They tolerated some of the worst disasters in their longevities. The satanic sects infected my parents bodies to incurable diseases. For example they made blind my father and killed him after his long years torture toleration by medical instruments(ampoule injection,…).they tortured my mother for long years and martyred her finally by medical instruments. They made sick one of my brothers .it seems the Satanists made blind one of his eyes too,I guess. They have exacerbated his mental system too. He isn’t tolerable at all. But he isn’t culprit in final analysis. It seems the Satanists intend to kill him by medical ways in near uncertain future as well. They have despised my personality too. why? Because I am a free thinker,intelegensia,…person!
    Even they deliberately unemployed me for a long times. Even when I was busying in my office they entrusted some of inferior jobs to me.they want to oblige me to changing my so good ideologies by any instruments! Yes I live in one the worst countries.i live in a hellish country, called iran. They have tormented me so far. Even they don’t permit me till I marry practically. Because they made me stay in home skillfully. Some of these filthy Satanists assert me that they want to test me,…! But as a matter of fact they intend to kill my 3 family members. They killed my parents (mom and dad).and they want to kill my brother,…too.
    I described about these so filthy crimes in my autobiography .I have sent my autobiography to around of world by email. In meanwhile I have sent my autobiography to a lot of Sweden organizations and newspapers too. You can read my autobiography. You can take one of its document copies from Sweden immigration office located in solna avenue too. Please copy my can deliver it from Sweden immigration office too.
    So!i expect you consider all of these factors in your final decision.
    In current situation I must have a job and salary in Sweden need a separated house in Sweden too. Secondly I expect you find a good and simple traineeship course for me in Sweden. I don’t like the fields such as pure economy at all. Because the pure economy major based on econometric and theoretical matters. These syllabuses aren’t my favorite ones at all.i severely hate them. In meanwhile they spoil my other interest plans too. In my autobiography I hinted to these subjects in detail too.
    Anyway I expect you specify my situation as soon as possible. It seems you cooperate with Swedish migration office too.
    Again I notify that I have one month visa .so it seems your decision trend must become earlier.
    Please read my autobiography surely. It has a lot of informative and useful matters for you. Even I believe on its reading is so necessary.

    I pass from this matter. The other subject is my marriage. In recent days I was success to seeing a lot of so nice beautiful, cute, free thinker Swedish girls in stores,streets,metro,….places .especially the Swedish so nice teen girls with blond hair and blue eye has intoxicated me so much.i don’t satisfy from watching these so nice girls.i wish I could marry with them. But unfortunately I have heared that in Swedish culture it is bad to watch others(here I mean girls) continuously. Or speaking with Swedish citizen (here I mean girls)aren’t common. And these matters are awkward things among Swedish people. Especially these matters become more embossed for the persons alike me that hasn’t Europe and America originalities.

    But dear ladies and gentlemen!
    As you have understood I have tolerated some of the worst catastrophes,…so far. If I can be these so nice Swedish blond hair,free thinker,kind girls(especially teen ones)crony friend and husband my morale will become so good. But I can not speak and familiar with these so cute ,…nymphets firstly. I expect you send these so nice Swedish girls to me. As soon as they show their interests to me and speak with me I will woo and marry with them. This matter is so important for me!
    Please don’t introduce the other girls with non Swedish originality to me at all!i wish these so nice Swedish girls(especially teens)become my friends and invite me in their houses,…
    Marriage with them is very vital, useful, and constructive for me!
    When I see these groups of Swedish girls I will be so glad. I wish I could kiss and bear hug these so cute girls even in public!
    I severely love these girls!
    I personally believe on these girls are so better than wine! They are pure wine! watchingThese group of girls are so better than watching rose gardens!
    Unfortunately these matters isn’t good and common in swed culture. It may these very nice and angel Swedish girls be worried!
    So!i expect you coordinate with these so nice Swedish girls and tell them that start their speaking with me till I marry them right away. Please don’t send the girls with other originalities. On the other of hand it seems the Scandinavian people are more than liberal from other world people. I mean they are free thinker. This matter is so important for me as well. Because I am free thinker.
    Whole of these factors cause me till I become fall in love Swedish girls so much. I wish I could marry and cuddle these girls continuously!
    I wish I could marry with them so much!i have no time. Please send these so nice, free thinker ,blond hair Swedish girls to me right away(before my visa be expired).I wish I could marry and become these so nice Swedish girls friends as soon as possible!
    In meanwhile I expect you speed up my inhabitant, working,….matters trend in Sweden soonest too.
    I don’t forget these so nice Swedish girls at all! Send my deepest lovely sentiment to them forever! It isn’t important I be which of world point! These so nice, free thinker Swedish girls embody paradise actually and really! I wish I could have romantic relationship with them everlasting!
    Another matter:
    In recent days some of guys(especially young males)spite toward my side when they saw me in streets,…these boys have Swedish and foreigner originality. Their behavior is so disgusting .these guys lower Sweden people value in world a lot too. So I expect you warn them that they end their so sadistic, dirty, impolitely behavior right away!
    In finally ,I wait for your sensible,practical cooperations according to my given informations.again I meekly congratulate new years to all Swedish,…people and you!
    Be happy and successful forever!
    I have no more to say.
    Your sincerely
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    I continue my past talks. There are a lot of Sweden attractive places. But visiting from these places are so expensive for the persons similar me. Even I can not see Stockholm attractive places from inside unfortunately. I wish I had sufficient monies till I observed all of Sweden country(attractive places,…) completely. For example I extremely love to watch Sweden opera,dance,song. But unfortunately using from these places is so expensive for me considering my fiscal conditions. As soon as I become rich relatively, I will go these so splendid places eagerly!
    Again I repeat my past demand.i will be so glad,if I could have Swedish blond hair,free thinker,nymphet girl friends(especially teens)!I wish I could marry with these so cute nice Swedish girls so much! But unfortunately no one (the Swedish girls)has spoken with me hitherto! On the other of hand it seems that speaking with Swedish girls in stores,metro,street,public circles aren’t good at all(Sweden cultural norms don’t accept this matter).then I expect you send these group of Swedish girls to me till I can have romantic relationship with them. This matter is very,very vital and important for me! It has a lot of positive externalities for me too!i wish I could kiss and bear hug these so nice Swedish girls forever!i want to marry with these so nice Swedish girls right away!please find my favorite Sweden girl friends and say them that start their speaking with me in outset.i wish I could go in their houses and kiss them a lot!i severely love them!

    The other point: please warn to some of ignorant, impolite, sick, sadist persons that quit their so disgusting behavior about me. Why they spit, when they see me? Their behavior is so hateful!in these group of people you can find some of people with foreign originality too.i hope you severely warn them as soon as possible too.
    The other point :I severely recommend you that read my autobiography certainly. You can find my autobiography from around of can deliver my autobiography copied DVD and folder from Sweden immigration office too.(this place locate in solna avenue(Stockholm).
    Yes!my conditions in Iran is so bad!i hope you judge your conscience and decied about me fairly. Please answer me as soon as possible.
    Temporarily I end my talks.
    Happy New Year!
    Best regard
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    Pardon me!
    I live in one of hellish countries, called Iran. The persons such as me don’t permit to have independent believes in Iran. Likewise the persons e alike me were called apostate. Any person can kill apostates in Iran In the name of god?!
    We oblige to lie in public, otherwise we don’t have security. that’s why you notice that the peoples alike Iranian ones have so hypocrisy!the people such as Iranian one have dual personality necessarily.otherwish they can not develop and survive!
    As I said before I have tolerated some of worst catastrophes from long years. The satanic sects made blind my father by medical crimes, they tortured my mother by several ways for long years. Sometimes with disaster imposition to my other family members. For example the Satanists have exacerbated one of my brother mental systems skillfully. He tortured my parents for long terms considerably. No one believe me.but my talks is true shamefully!
    He was so angry, aggressive, cruel,…against us and especially against my mother. He was punching his mother with his most power continually most of times. He boxed his mother teeth, cheek, stomach ,ovary,…severely. Even my mother ovary was falling!
    My brother kicked his mother too. He was beating his father too. My brother behavior has been alike excrement.
    Now, it seems my brother will sacrifice nearly by Satanist hand too. Any one knows this matter. I have discovered my brother problem origions. His main problem has been his low sexual toleration. He is 48.but he is single.if he had sex with females, his so bad nerve conditions be improved a lot. He emptied all of his cumulative obsessions to his family especially his mother cruelly! As a matter of fact the Satanists have banned him skillfully.
    Considering Iran cultural,…norms my brother remedy was solving easily.
    In my autobiography I said about these matters with more detail.
    The Satanists oblige to others that they be similar them. If any one don’t perform their rituals, customs,…he or she banned in scale scale. He or she can not work, study, marry,…easily(according to his¬-her talent, interest,…he-she don’t have any right in Iran too!
    For example the Satanists have me stayed at home proficiently. When they are disgracing their mercenaries say me,…that they intend to test me,…!
    They intervene in people most primitive,private matters impudently.
    The Satanists kill their victims by the worst incredible ways. They Can sacrifice their victim by artificial car accident,…they sicken their victim to different kinds of diseases. They ban their victims in public scale. They annoy their victims in schools, society,….by the worst ways. they don’t let their victims have social rights,…they don’t let their victims work in society in practic. They entrust the inferior job opportunities to their victims at most. For example a illiterate person have more social respect than a expert and educated person in Iran(only the first one is mercenary and latter is free thinker)!
    The Satanists have the worst approach about religion. A hellish approach about religion!
    From religious,….satanic sects a free thinker person(that is the best one from my view)haven’t any value! The free thinker people are worse than beast,shit,…in iran!?
    Yes! I live in one of the worst hellish country. The Satanists have prohibited all of happiness manifestations(such as erotic mucic, song, film, opera, dance,…).instead they diffuse the sorrow,…in society in the name of god,…!they ignorantly say that all of us are traveler in this world. So we must notice the other world after our death! This world is our prison,from Satanists stance! They say happiness is a big sin! Then they depress all of people. The Satanists creat a lot of sedition among people. They oblige people that they be one another enemy! In satanic, despotic countries including Iran the people different strata impose disaster and calamity one another in the name of god and other satanic manifestations!
    Iran have been kakistocracy social system from ancient times so far!
    Human right is one of the most alien words in Iran!
    Yes! Iranian people live in real hell!
    The Satanists diffuse superstitious beliefs among Iranian popular. They have polluted Iranian minds to the worst poisonous ideologies. They have transformed Iranian people to so cruel, backward, philistine,liar,… persons!
    Iran have a one of the worst fascistic systems in world. Religious fascism! What a terrible and disgusting thing!?
    I have been eyewitness my mom and dad torture and martyrdom trend for long years!
    When I contest from these so terrible imposed disasters, a lot of Iranian persons deliberately accuse me as liar and visionary!?
    Yes!i live in the hell called iran!
    So! I expect you awaken your conscience and judge about me fairly!
    Do you tolerate these so horrible imposed disasters in the name of god(demon)?
    The Satanists have broken down one of my brother nervous system completely. Now he speak a lot of nonsense things day and night continuously. He is so aggressive, ignorant, obsessive, jealous,…person! The Satanists have infected his body to incurable diseases too. It seems he will sacrifice as a result of heart halt, pulmonary disease ,…in near uncertain times too.
    The Satanists intend to torment us by several filthy tricks! One time by my brother (because they have sickened him to physical and spiritual ones practically! one time by despise my personality, one times by make unemployment me,…,one time by ban us,…!

    Anyway i expect you understand me more and give your sensible and practical answer as soon as possible! You inform I have a one month tourist visa merely.
    Although you can send your reply to me in Iran too–if isn’t possible you decide on about me till one month latter at most. But it had better you noticed I have missed a lot of golden opportunities in Iran. On the other of hand my brother toleration isn’t possible even for one minute! He is alike shit! if you don’t believe me, please investigate about my truth and fallacy talks fairly.i promise you can not tolerate my crucial impose situation at all even for one minute! I can not tolerate these so terrible imposed conditions till my brother and uncle be sacrificed. And worse of than my marriage and job and traineeship,….divert to routs that isn’t my favorite at all.
    In meanwhile my brother toleration isn’t possible any longer.
    I wish I could marry with the Swedish lovely blond hair, blue eye, free thinker, nymphet girls (especially teens) a lot! But unfortunately I have heared that the persons alike me can not speak with the Swedish girls firstly .I always sorrow a lot for this matter! Because I love the mention Swedish girls so much!i see a lot of these so nice Swedish girls in streets,metro,stores,…as soon as I came to Sweden .even I wooed from one of them that has been arlanda airport seller!
    There are living a lot of these so nice and cute girls in my neighborhood too. But I can not speak with these so good girls in outset. I wish you help me till I could be these so nice girls crony friend. If I could marry with them,I would be so prosperous and happy as well!
    But speaking with Swedish girls haven’t good externalities in Swedish culture. It may my action cause Swedish girls jittery too! i mean they become so angry from my behavior.i have heared the Sweden people(here the mention girls)have negative sensitive to other people looking and glaring to them. Or they don’t like any one speak with them in public(metro,street,store,…)!
    I am so sad!because I love the mention Swedish girls. But I can not be their friend! this matter annoy me a lot!i expect the mention Swedish girls speak with me happily wish they speak with me in outset.i need them a lot!
    I wish I could be their intimate friend!
    i wish they invite me in their houses! i wish I could hug and kiss them so much expect I could marry with these so cute Swedish girls group right away! I extraordinarily fall in love them! Please send them toward me! Please say them who they start their speaking with me!
    The best places for become familiar with these so nice Swedish girls is the places such as the jungle,roads and streets,…that hasn’t any population! I wish these so nice girls kiss and hug me in outset!
    I believe on that marriage with the above mention Swedish girls is feasible! Please insist to these so nice Swedish girls about this matter. Please describe my so bitter imposed conditions them .please say them that time pass quickly. Say them that they be familiar with me right away. Because I only have a 1 month tourist viza.
    On the other of hand,I will become so glad if my inhabitant right in Sweden be clarify sooner. I want to start my work, traineeship,….in Sweden right away. But I have no salary,house,…in Sweden. from my view point, because many of factors my marriage with the mention Swedish favorite so cute girls have priority to other factors. Some of them have alluded in my this letter, others have said in my autobiography(that has defused around of world including in Swedish immigration office located in solna street by me).I have sent my autobiography whether by email or by other instruments to around of world including Swedish immigration office, some of Swedish newspapers, universities,…
    Good! i pass from this matter .I expect you don’t trouble from my side.
    Temporary I end my talks with you. i have no more to say.i wait for your sensible, practical cooperation according to my given informations.
    Happy New Year!
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    Excuse me! If you can not access my autobiography, or if the Swedish migration office don’t give my DVD written autobiography,…you can search my full name in Google searching engine.i mean you type kaveh yousefzadeh. Then you can approximately take my autobiography from it.
    Please read my complete autobiography and answer me right away!
    Be happy and successful!
    Best regard
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    Pardon me!
    As I said I have tolerated some of the worst catastrophes in my longevity. In meanwhile the satanic sects have being putted diffrent traps for us hitherto .living in Iran is alike to living in mine field. The Satanists have committed a lot of crimes about us so far. They killed my parents. They tortured them for long years,…!
    They have broken down one of my brothers mental systems for long years. His toleration isn’t feasible even for one minute! All of persons have banned him too. My brother is so aggressive,impolite,fool seems he be sacrificed in near future .any one from child to old know this matter. Yes the Satanists have injected fatal things to him. As a matter of fact they have severely sickened him to mental and physical diseases. Any moment it may he be died. On the other of hand they have designed some of so filthy plots about me,…too. For example they don’t permit I marry with my favorite girls,they made unemployed me on futile pretexts. Even they entrusted inferior jobs to me, when I was busying in my office. They have banned me too. They despised my personality. Because they want to oblige me till I change my beliefs .if they see their filthy crimes encounter with some of barriers and they can not continue their dirty tricks they try to impose different calamities to their victims. For example they despise their victims personality, they make unemployed their victims, they ban their victims,….and finally they their victims!
    Yes! I live in a country without any law. Iran(jungle law).iran have been a so filthy mafia system from ancient times till now. Some of Satanists suppose that they have direct relationship with god. So they have committed a lot so filthy crimes without any shame sentiment!
    They severely hate me. Because I am very cognizant and I don’t let they perform their crime easily.
    But instead, they obstruct in my works in different arena proficiently. As a matter of fact they retaliate against me by these so disgusting tricks.
    Yes! i fight with Satanists in any form(religious and irreligious ones).
    The Satanists be sure that they can not continue their crimes skillfully. Because they never anticipate my so uncertain, dangerous, terrible reaction! No one don’t understand that my reaction is against which persons.
    Anyway, I expect you understand me more!i promise you that you can not tolerate my so bitter imposed condition even for one minute.
    I hope the Swedish government agrees with my residency right.
    As I said i have seen a lot of Swedish nymphet girls even till today. But I can not speak with them firstly.i wish you say these so nice girls talk me .as soon as they show their interests about me,I woo them and I marry them eagerly. They can gladden me so much. Because I have heared that in addition Swedish girls beauty, they are so free thinker and liberal and vivacious,…too!
    I love these groups of girls a lot!
    If my romantic relationship with these Swedish girls be started right away my morale be improved considerably!
    I am so sad! Because I severely love these so nymphet Swedish girls, but I can not speak them firstly. Is it possible you find these group of Swedish girls for me right away?i need them so much. I wish I could kiss and hug them!
    I wish I could marry with nymphet,blond hair,free thinker Swedish girls right away. It is so emergency for me. I don’t think this matter be hard for you. After my marriage with these Swedish girls I can start my work, traineeship,…and I can pass learning musical instruments, athletic courses,….!
    Yes! I sorrow a lot! Because I don’t cuddle and kiss and speak these Swedish girls.
    I expect you give my message to Swedish girls .I wait for their reaction. The best place for knowing them is Swedish forest area(Stockholm).for example they can speak me in uncrowned districts(for example in my forest,…neigberhood).when I walk in streets and jungle and uncrowded places these Swedish girls can start their permanent romantic relationship with me only with hello(hi or hey)word! This word may miracle!
    i expect the Swedish girls invite me their houses!i want to be their eternal real lover and friend!
    Why Swedish girls don’t like me?instead when I see them I become intoxicated! These Swedish girls exalt me so much!
    Say them that I wish I could kiss and hug them continuously!
    I love them so much!
    Because in addition their dazzling beauty, they are so free thinker and liberal! And this latter is very important for me too!
    Please throw away all of deformed and disgusting and abolished racial and racism and fascism idea about me at least!
    Dears!in public(street,metro,…)I see the Swedish girls and boys kiss and hug each other easily! Even I saw the pre-teens and teens have lovemaking each other!
    So I expect these group of girls have romantic relationship with me alike their compatriots too! Say them I am very confident,kind,lovely,…persons! It may they don’t accept my appearance, but my love sentiment against them is so natural, genuine, pure,…!I love Swedish nymphet,free thinker girls so much!
    Yes! My current imposed conditions is so bitter! i can not tolerate any longer!the Satanists intend to kill my brother nd uncle soon.on the other of hand my brother toleration isn’t possible at all. The Satanists have banned us too. Iran is so dangerous country. Because it may one disaster impose one person any moment. The Satanists indirectly want to show their god (demon) power any way.
    They can sicken and kill any person easily. No one can discover their plots. Because they misuse from ultimate scientific instruments skillfully. They can kill their victims by artificial accidents. They can kill their victims through their sicken them,….the Satanists plots are so different!
    Good! I pass from these matters. I expect my situations be clarified according to my priorities,….
    I frankly assert my marriage with my favorite Swedish girls have a lot of positive externalities!i expect the Swedish girls start their romantic relationship with me as soon as possible!
    I have heared we can not dazzle Swedish nymphet,…girls for a while. But I will become so glad, if I could see them continuously! I am is my primitive right. But all of my lovely sentiments have suppressed in Iran for long years. A lot of malignant persons have mobilized against me till they change my so beautiful ideologies! But they cannot success inwardly!
    Any way I expect you extend your sight horizon about me. I want to get ride of from these so bitter imposed conditions right away. I believe on my informative talks can divid my sentiments with you!at least, your information about me be extended. And this is so important!
    Temporary, I end my speak with you. I hope that I can see your sensible cooperation according to my given information as soon as possible.
    Thank you!
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

    Excuse me
    As you know my viza validity be expired after less than 3 week. On the other of hand i stayed a lot of years in home(iran)by force. So I expect you help me till my situation in Sweden be clarified right away. In meanwhile I expect Sweden migration office reply my requisition answer as soon as possible I can not stay in my brother home (Stockholm)after one month. Because he is married.
    So I expect the Swedish government clarify my situation. I want to get rid of from these so long terms imposed suspension as soon as possible. I can not tolerate these so terrible imposed conditions till my brother and uncle scarification. On the other of hand I don’t marry with every one. I merely marry with free thinker,…nymphet girls from power stance. My marriage trend has extended for 10 years.because the satanic sects intend to kill 3 member of my family.
    I want Swedish migration office reply me soonest. I expect the Swedish nymphet, free thinker girls speak with me right away. If I can recognize with these Swedish girls all of my difficulties be solved easily!
    I severely need to Swedish nymphet, free thinker girls!
    Please solve my problem. Again I notify my familiar with the Swedish girls can solve a lot of so difficult problems easily.
    Thank you
    Kaveh yousefzadeh

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  2. farag - June 8th, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    i looking for girl from sweden (love& marry)
    i hope live in sweden forever.

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  3. RASOOL - August 11th, 2011 at 5:51 am

    hello . i.d like a friend good women age 30 to 40 years . thank you .

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  4. hindi dating - November 10th, 2011 at 3:10 am

    You really make it seem really easy together with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be really one thing that I believe I’d never understand. It sort of feels too complicated and extremely huge for me. I’m taking a look ahead in your subsequent post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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  5. Qassem - December 27th, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    I am Qassem from Libya 31 years old I am planing to go to sweden to live forever I hope find honest girl to share my life with her.

    bye for now

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  6. bien - December 27th, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    ok conocer chicas suecas es todo que hable y escriban español desde colombia

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